Helpful Hints

Time Frame

Many people under-estimate the time it takes to complete a building project.  The time frame depends on many factors including:

  • complexity of project
  • scale of project
  • the municipality the project is located in
  • zoning requirements
  • construction delivery method
  • and many more

Because it is so varied, we offer a free consultation to help you estimate the timing of your project, among other issues.


You may think a real estate agent is the first person to talk to when looking for land for your project. Yet, talking to your architect first can be very helpful. A quick discussion of project scale, project goals, and other factors can help direct suggestions on what to look for in the land for your project. 


Especially in residential home building, there is a tendency for people to buy bigger than they need.  This is usually because most home plans are inefficient in the use of space. In a consultation, we can help you define what you need, what you want, how you want to live, so that the eventual design can minimize waste so you have more money for special features that make the house a home.

In commercial construction, the same applies. Working through the business functions, the means of operation, an architect can help you streamline practices and increase your return on investment when building your new space. 


If you need a loan in order to finance your new building project, speaking with an architect is the best first step.  In consulting with your architect, they can help you know some of the steps you will need to go through to get the loan.  

The process of financing construction involves explaining to the lender the "story".  In a mortgage, there is already a house in place that they can see, and they can appraise.  With a construction loan, there is still nothing there on site. The "story" is what you will build. Architectural plans will tell the story and explain to the bank what you will use the money for.