Why I'm an Architect

by David Clayton

I created this little video to say thank you to my clients, my friends, and my family.  I'm so fortunate to get to be an architect.  It was my lifelong dream since I was five years old.  The fact I get to live this dream and help others achieve their dream is fantastic.

Thank you all!


David Clayton



Six Years Ago . . .

by, David Clayton, AIA

It had been two weeks since being laid off, the Great Recession still causing high unemployment, and here I was unable to even get responses from any potential employers.  Closing myself off in our spare bedroom in the basement, I was praying intently for an answer of what to do to provide for my family.  And then, the phone rang . . .

It was my friend, Ben Crookston, who asked me if I could help draw up plans for a small apartment building remodel for his brother Nick.  Immediately, I felt a strong confirmation: this is the answer to my prayers.  It was at that moment, I knew I needed to start my own business.

It is amazing to me to think of how the past six years have flown by. Slowly building my business from that humble spare bedroom in the basement into a small firm of four people has been incredible. What also amazes me is how that small moment: that seed planted in the basement has become a livelihood for four families.  

So, now, as DEIV Architecture celebrates SIX YEARS in business, we want to thank all of our clients, consultants, and friends who have made this possible.  

God bless!



Talk To Your Architect

Few people think to talk to their architect prior to choosing property, but a recent experience with a client serves as a great example of why you should talk to your architect prior to committing to a property. Watch the video below:


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Why We Design The Way We Do

Surprisingly, most architects do mostly two dimensional drawings only for a project.  In today's age of computer aided design and building information modeling, it is possible to show clients what a project will look like before it is built.  The aim is to provide that client a way to see what we as designers can see in our minds.  In years past, this was usually accomplished through carefully drawing perspective drawings and then painting them with watercolors.  

Today, at DEIV Architecture, we build the building in virtual reality.  We build in the walls, the roofs, the windows, and the doors.  We build in trim work, and brick features.  Then, we add information to each of those elements so that each element is categorized and data rich.  But why go through all this trouble?  If most architects can get by with just drawing plans, then why go to this level of detail?

The reason is simple.  First, building a virtual building allows us to understand the way the building comes together before it comes together.  This way, there will likely be fewer problems in the process of construction.  Second, it allows us to quantify and qualify everything in the building.  This way, if a client or contractor need to know something about how the building is put together, the information is there. Third, it allows us to create 3D images almost instantaneously.  This way, no matter at which point in the process, our clients are able to receive real visual feedback on the design changes they request.

Ultimately, why do we design the way we do?  Because we believe this way is better. We believe this way is the future of design and construction.

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