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At DEIV Architecture and Design, we believe in prioritizing client needs. It's not about us. It's about the people we are designing for. We design for the client and also the occupants.


DEIV stands for Design Excellence,

Integrity, and Value

Our Principles:

As the name implies, DEIV Architecture strives to provide excellence in design.  This means fulfilling the needs of utility, strength, and beauty.  It means considering the site, the environment, the needs of the occupants, and synthesizing this into a beautiful and unified whole.

DEIV also has a focus on integrity.  Integrity has implications in strength of the design, but it also has to do with integrity of character.  At DEIV, we believe in being honest at all times.  We strive to be open about all aspects of the process. 

Value has a connotation of pricing.  You work hard for your money.  When you are trying to build your new home or office, or other building, you are spending a large amount of money.  At DEIV, we understand that we are being entrusted with the spending of your money.  Thus, we hold it as a sacred trust and responsibility.  


Your products sell better if your store attracts customers. Whether you are a store owner, a restaurateur, or other business, we can help you grow your business through better design.

From residential, to commercial, to health care, we have you covered.  With a depth of experience in multiple project types, you are in good hands.


DEIV Architecture and Design was founded in 2011 by David M. Clayton, AIA. David has been working in the architectural design field since 2002. After earning a Bachelor of Science at Virginia Commonwealth University in Urban Studies, he went on to earn a Masters of Architecture from Virginia Tech. Professionally, David has worked on projects ranging from single family homes, to church buildings, to hospitals and medical offices, to government facilities. David is a licensed architect in Utah,and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

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