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You would never try to perform brain surgery on yourself, so why are you trying to build your house or office building without expert help?  Many people think hiring an architect is expensive, but when embarking on possibly your BIGGEST financial endeavor in your life, why risk costly mistakes?  


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Whether it's a new addition on your home, a custom home, or your first commercial building project, you have questions. Get expert advise with a free 30 minute "Ask The Architect" session with the leading expert in Affinitive Design, Architect David M. Clayton, AIA, LEED AP.  During the call, you'll find out how you can avoid many of the most costly mistakes people make in construction.  


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Established in 2011, DEIV Architecture and Design has been providing customized solutions to happy clients ever since.  But what sets DEIV Architecture and Design apart from others?  Click below to find out:


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Get a copy of our free "Project Planning Pack", that provides valuable worksheets and tips to have success in your next building project.

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Too many architects become complacent, saying, "I've been building this way for decades." Follow our blog, podcast, or YouTube channel to keep learning with us.  Our blog is aimed at discovering new and innovative practices and technologies each week.  We also cover historic projects, interesting stories, and other related topics:


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Learn more about the people who make DEIV Architecture a great firm and learn more of our story and our philosophy.


We take the stress out of construction. Through our experience and customized solutions, we help you see the completed work before even starting.

— David M. Clayton, AIA, LEED AP


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